My name is Peter Quodling. I am seasoned IT Veteran having worked in all aspects, from maintenance (when a soldering iron and an oscilloscope were tools of trade) through Operating System level Software Engineering, to Large Scale Project Management, Governance and Enterprise Architecture, which are now my main focii. While experienced in IT, I undertook studies in Econometrics and behavioural sciences, and as such, all of my thinking is shared between the “numbers”, the technology, and the “people” aspects.

This site/blog is titled “Coherency in an incoherent world” because, contrary to appearances at time, I follow, believe and promote the ideal that only by establishing a clear “Coherent” basis of any practice can we expand to creativity.¬† Too often, the cart is put before the horse in this arena.

I am currently Working in an innovative new financing method for high value Mining Equipment.¬† This organization works with an Investment Bank, and I am aslowly trying to inspire¬† bankers that technology is more than an accounting package or a spreadsheet, but that is slow work…

I am usually outspoken, particularly on areas of technology, but occasionally on aspects of Politics as well. To that end, I am a Contributing Analyst for WikiStrat a Massively Multiplayer Geopolitical Think-tank and consulting firm, and am also on a technology strategy consulting panel for a political party in our local government.